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Powered By AI

Create memorable team building events anywhere - in minutes

Discover the power of AI-driven, location-based events with HVNT Teams. Combine gamification and outdoor activities to create unforgettable team building experiences, tailored to your needs.

Activate, engage & inspire your team

Customize your events using the power and speed of AI.

Fun Mobile Adventures

Give your team a fun challenge through custom-designed mobile adventures like treasure- and scavenger-hunts.

Drag and Drop Builder

Our platform offers a quick and easy way to set up an event in minutes, not days. We offer a dynamic blend of digital and real-world challenges, tailored to boost collaboration and performance in fun and engaging ways.

Build a Stronger Corporate Culture

Gain insights into team dynamics, strengths, and weaknesses with our Post Event Insights. Discover your team's potential, inspire success, and build a stronger corporate culture.

+250M Locations

With over 250 Million locations worldwide, HVNT Teams makes it easy to host a team building activity anywhere, anytime.

You're in good company

Market leaders love our solution. Here's what they say:

HVNT Teams saves me time and money while planning activities for my events. The customers love how fun and easy to use the product is, HVNT Teams is a perfect activity during any conference or team building day.

Rebecca Petterson

Senior Project Manager Life Event
HVNT Teams helped us create a dynamic, personalized team building experience which helped us improve our team dynamics, communication and collaboration.

Linus Bratt

IT Business Manager Reitan Convenience

Don't just host an event - Create an experience

Are you an event planner or corporation seeking to transform the way you engage and build teams? HVNT Teams is the solution you've been waiting for. Combining location-based gaming, augmented reality, and AI data analysis, we offer an all-in-one platform for creating memorable, highly customized events that foster team collaboration and improve performance.

Personalized Events

Craft the perfect event in minutes, not months. Our platform offers tailor-made experiences to match your team's unique needs.

Data-Driven Insights

Learn more about your team. Our AI analysis offers invaluable insights into team dynamics, highlighting areas of excellence and those requiring support.

Engagement Redefined

Encourage active participation with our multiplayer mode. With HVNT Teams, every team member is an integral part of the journey.

Cost-Effective Solution

Dramatically cut event costs while delivering high-quality experiences. With HVNT Teams, superior team building is affordable and accessible.

Effortless event creation in four steps

Build fun and engaging outdoor events in just a few clicks.


Create Event

Create your event in just a few clicks. With the help and power of AI.


Invite Participants

Quickly and efficiently invite attendees with HVNT Teams' simplified invitation feature.


Enjoy the Game

Kick off your event smoothly with HVNT Teams, where the fun is just a click away.


Gain Insights

Begin your event with HVNT Teams' seamless start feature, ensuring a smooth and engaging experience for all participants.

Discover how HVNT Teams works

Explore the efficiency of HVNT Teams in streamlining your event planning. Our AI-powered platform simplifies the process, making it user-friendly and effective. For a quick overview of our innovative event management solutions.


Got questions? We've got answers! Explore our FAQs for quick insights on our most common inquiries.

What is HVNT Teams?

HVNT Teams is the new standard for team building and event creation. Our AI-driven platform helps companies and event organizers save time and reduce costs by creating engaging on-site events. We also provide insights into participant dynamics to improve team performance.

Who can use HVNT Teams?

HVNT Teams is ideal for event agencies and corporations looking to streamline event hosting, boost engagement, and increase productivity through effective and fun team-building activities.

What makes HVNT Teams unique?

HVNT Teams provides a fully customizable team building experience, available globally, with effortless event creation within our intuitive platform. We combine AI location technology and AR gameplay features to activate and engage participants in real world events.

How does HVNT Teams enhance team-building events?

HVNT Teams provides engaging activities and mini-games that promote collaboration and improve communication. Our platform gives insights into team performance and individual participation, helping companies identify areas for improvement while ensuring a fun experience.

What support is available?

We offer comprehensive support for event creators and participants. Players can contact event organizers via the in-app chat during the event. For further assistance or feedback, you can use our website’s 'Contact Us' form to reach out to our team, and we will respond promptly.

Is HVNT Teams secure?

Yes, we prioritize user security and privacy. Our robust security measures and protocols ensure your data is safe, and we emphasize user health and safety during events.

Where is HVNT Teams available?

HVNT Teams is a truly global platform. We are available worldwide, featuring over 250 million locations, making it ideal for companies anywhere,  and/or with remote teams.

How can HVNT Teams help my team become better and more productive?

We offer information about participant performance to provide insights on individual strengths and areas for improvement. By identifying high performers and those needing support, HVNT Teams helps build effective teams, increases employee engagement, and drives productivity.

How do I/my team participate in a HVNT Teams event?

Participants use the HVNT Teams mobile app to join events by submitting the event code provided by the event creator.

Still have questions?

Our team is ready to help you out - reach out to us.

Don't just host an event - Create an experience

Are you an event planner or corporation seeking to transform the way you engage and build teams? HVNT Teams is the solution you've been waiting for.